[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151280634642946.469702.151186542945&type=3] Update #2 – December 18, 2012 The final touches were placed on the Fuku Extension project this week! As with all of our systems, the final step is to sign off on an official handover to the local population. Each document requires a signature from the local Administrator (similar to a United States Mayor), the head of the Communal Council, and our project manager. This grants all rights and ownership to the people, leaving them with the responsibility to maintain the system in operable, sanitary conditions. Update #1 – December 10, 2012 Workers have been making great progress, completing about 60 percent of the project with an expected finish date before the end of 2012! NOVEMBER 30, 2012 – Construction begins, expected completion date mid-December. During a Board of Director’s trip to Burundi in late 2011, the population asked about extending from our existing Fuku Water System to bring water to an additional segment of the population. There will be two tap stands connecting to a constructed tank that will serve close to 500 citizens who are not benefiting from the initial system. Current pipelines are shown above in black with the new lines shown in red. The total distance is 1.2 kilometers – or about .25 shy of one mile. We expect this to be completed in about four short weeks!