[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151545753627946.1073741827.151186542945&type=3] Update #7: November 4, 2013 – Project is complete! Update #6: October 2, 2013 – 4 tanks construction are completed, – 13 tap stands are completed – digging trenches are completed, – connection pipe is completed, N.B: There are 4 additional tap stands, one at Kumutukura source, another one at Kabugabo School to separate primary and secondary school, two tap stands at Rusama colline to reduce the distance from community locality. Only one tap stand is remaining and 3 pipeline points to be protected. Update #5: August 28, 2013 Pictures of progress added, only a few more weeks to go before completion! Update #4: July 30, 2013 The following progress update was sent yesterday by our project manager: three tanks construction are completed, four tap stands are completed, one tap stand is under construction, digging trenches – an average of 6km is over, connection pipes are at 5km distance. Update #3: July 5, 2013 Workers are humming along, with more pictures sent of status and over halfway completed with the entirely of the system. At this point we expect just another 8-10 weeks before our tenth project is officially finished! Update #2: June 14, 2013 We received word from our project manager that two of the three source catchments were completed, three collection chambers completed, about 1/3 of the trenching completed, and pipeline connection is underway. The status of this system was verified when Gazelle Foundation employee Michael Madison visited in late May 2013. Update #1: May 6, 2013 Final touches are being put on the contract for the system and construction should begin within the next few days. Pictures and more details coming soon! Project Details The Gazelle Foundation has big plans for 2013 – a goal of serving 10,000 Burundians being at the top of the list. After completing the Musumba-Mushanga water system that provides water to 2,800 citizens, we’re moving on to Kumutukura-Gisasa which is about twice the size. As shown in the drawing above, construction will span 7.5 kilometers (about 4.75 miles) featuring four (4) collection tanks, eight (8) tap stands, and utilizing three (3) different underground spring sources. At close to five miles long, the completed system will be our second longest and serve the most citizens out of all nine. Population due to benefit from this new system is 4,300 regular citizens, two schools (1,000+ students and teachers) and a church (200 weekly attendees). To date, the Foundation – in partnership with the local communities – has built nine systems that daily provide access to fresh, clean water for almost 19,000 citizens. Once a final agreement is signed by the project manager and local government administration, construction will begin some time in May 2013. Check back soon for pictures and updates! Funding from this project comes from your general donations throughout the year and participation in Run for the Water.