[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151331040442946.472002.151186542945&type=3]   Update #4: April 15, 2013 Finishing more than two weeks ahead of schedule, the Musumba-Mushanga project was officially handed over to the local population on April 15th. Update #3: March 25, 2013 Our project manager reports that the trenches needed for piping are 100 percent complete, four of five tanks are finished, nine of twelve tap stands are finished, and just half a mile of pipeline remains. The rainy season has made it a little challenging, including having to push trucks up hills due to the muddy conditions. They continue to work diligently (and ahead of schedule!). We expect to receive status of fully complete in the next three to four weeks. Update #2: February 28, 2013 The system is now more than halfway completed with an estimated six more weeks to go. All 5.4 kilometers of the project have been trenched by local workers and the initial pipeline has been laid in to place. The five storage tanks are almost finished as well as the tap stands. Now the more skilled workers come in to make connections between the collection chambers, storage tanks and tap stands, ensuring that the gravity flow will be sufficient to provide pressure. Additionally, they will seal all of those so that the project will withstand over the coming years. Update #1: January 17, 2013 Project is officially underway! We expect this to be completed in about 14 weeks, however, it is currently the rainy season in Burundi making transportation of materials extremely challenging. Pictures and more updates coming soon! Project Details The Gazelle Foundation has big plans for 2013 – a goal of serving 10,000 Burundians being at the top of the list. That starts with the Musumba-Mashonga water system, located just across a small valley from the Musumba-Ruvumvu project of 2011. As shown in the drawing above, construction will span 5.4 kilometers (just over 3 miles) featuring five (5) collection tanks, twelve (12) tap stands, and utilizing three (3) different underground spring sources. At more than three miles long, the completed system will be our fourth largest and serve the third most citizens. Population due to benefit from this new system is 2,800 Burundians. To date, the Foundation – in partnership with the local communities – has built eight systems that daily provide access to fresh, clean water for more than 15,500 villagers. Once a final agreement is signed by the project manager and local government administration, construction will begin some time in January 2013. Check back soon for pictures and updates! Part of this project is being funded by the efforts of 1,000+ students who participated in the 2012 Walk for the Water. Young boys and girls from central Texas are helping make a life-changing impact halfway across the world!