[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151280591627946.469696.151186542945&type=3] Update 30 April 2012 Last week the final touches were put on the Musumba-Ruvumvu project. As of April 30th, 2012, more than 3,300 villagers have access to clean water for the rest of their life. Thank you for helping make this system possible! Update 20 March 2012 We’re excited to announce that the 5th of 8 phases at the Ruvumvu-Musumba water system is complete! The project should be complete within 4-6 weeks if weather permits. Heavy rainfall that is typical to the area can cut down transportation availability. Here’s some photos displaying the project’s progress! Update 19 January, 2012 We’re excited to share progress of the Ruvumvu-Musumba project, our most recent water system that will serve over 3,300 citizens. The current projected completion date is April 2012. Many thanks to Gilbert Tuhabonye and Minnie Hollyman for providing the pictures! To navigate, click on an image below for a larger view. [nggallery id=2] Project Details The Gazelle Foundation is pleased to announce the newest water project under construction in Burundi that will daily serve over 3,300 citizens. The Ruvumvu-Musumba Water System will principally provide the Ruvumvu secondary school (650 students and teachers), the Songa commune offices (40 staff personnel), the Songa court office (150 people per day), the Ruvumvu health center (100 patients per day) , and approximately 2400 people from the general population in the region between and including Musumba and Ruvumvu. This system covers phase one of a two-phase project, eventually providing access to clean water for more than 5,000 individuals from the Musumba to Masonga communes. Tentatively planned to take 20 weeks, the project will span 6.5 kilometers (4.03 miles) and employ hundreds of local citizens. The project team has selected three natural springs to tap and then fill three collection chambers that will be combined at a fourth collection chamber. These chambers will channel to five cistern reservoirs which in turn supply eleven tap stands (fountains) between Musumba and Ruvumvu. Once completed, the Gazelle Foundation – through the generous support of its donors and volunteers – will have provided access to clean water for nearly 12,000 Burundians. If you’re interested in seeing the work first hand, join us next summer on the Work for the Water trip. (Click image for a larger version)