[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151742379537946.1073741828.151186542945&type=3] Update #6: January 8, 2014 The water system is complete! Hand over of Rumeza-Rukoma project               Update #5: December 23, 2013
– All the 5 sources catchments are completed,
– All the 4 collection chambers are completed,
– All the 4 tanks are completed,
– 11 tap stands are completed,
– Connection pipe is around 7km,
– Digging tranches is completed
The remaining activities are:
– connection pipe(end)
– construction of 2 tap stands
– Construction of 2 washout boxes
– Pipe line protection when crossing over rivers or cliffs
Update #4: November 25, 2013 – 5 sources catchment are completed – 4 collection chambers are completed, – 3 tanks are completed, – 6 taps stand are completed, – digging trenches, an average of 7km is over, – Connection pipes are on 6.5km. Update #3: November 4, 2013 Along with pictures, our project manager provided these updates: – 4 sources catchment are completed – 3 collection chambers are completed, – two tanks are completed, – Tank 3 is on 80% – 5 taps stand are completed, – Over 6.5 km trenches have been dug – Connection pipes are on 5 km
Update #2: October 2, 2013 Today, our project manager has sent the following update: – 3 sources catchment Murugaragara are completed ( including a source catchment to strengthen the water flow) – Two collection chambers are completed, – Manyoni Source catchment is completed and a collection chamber is under construction – two tanks are completed, – One tap stand is completed, – digging trenches, an average of 5km is over, – Connection pipes are on 3.5km Update #1: August 28, 2013 We’re about four weeks in to the project now with a lot of progress made. Check out the pictures so see how we’re doing! Project Details The Gazelle Foundation has big plans for 2013 – a goal of serving 10,000 Burundians being at the top of the list. After completing the Musumba-Mashonga and making great progress on the Kumutukura-Gisasa water systems that provides water to 7,100 citizens, we’re undertaking a third water system. As shown in the drawing above, construction will span 7.7 kilometers (about 4.8 miles) featuring five (5) collection tanks, thirteen (13) tap stands, and utilizing four (4) different underground spring sources. At close to five miles long, the completed system will be our second longest. Population due to benefit from this new system is 2,300 regular citizens. To date, the Foundation – in partnership with the local communities – has built ten systems that daily provide access to fresh, clean water for more than 23,000 citizens. Construction began in August 2013.