[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151280609052946.469698.151186542945&type=3] Completion Date – June 29, 2012 The project was officially completed on June 29, 2012, serving more than 2,500 citizens. To date, the Gazelle Foundation has brought clean water to 14,131 residents in the commune of Songa! Update #1 – May 23, 2012 Construction is well underway and the workers are more than a week ahead of schedule! The completion date is currently planned for some time in mid-to-late July. Project Details The Gazelle Foundation is pleased to announce construction has started on the newest water system in the Bururi province of Burundi. With the completion of the most recent project – Musumba-Ruvumvu – more than 12,000 citizens to date have been provided access to clean water. The Songa region in the Bururi province of Burundi has very limited clean water resources. Currently, the local inhabitants who have not benefited from a Gazelle Foundation project walk significant distances to obtain water from small springs and water pools that are far from potable. The Ruvumvu-Masonga project will span six (6) kilometers across the mountainous terrain, principally serving the following: Masonga primary school (315 students and teachers), the Masonga Pentecost church members (200 each weekend), and approximately 2000 people from the general population in the region between and Ruvumvu and Masonga. Those traveling on the 2012 Work for the Water trip arrived just after the completion of the project. Although there was hope they would get to lend a hand for the final stages, the villagers worked hard to finish in an effort to impress their American visitors!