Our Approach

The Gazelle Foundation funds and constructs water systems in Burundi. This is a unifying effort that does not favor a specific tribe or group. The path that your dollar takes to change a life for someone in Burundi is two simple steps. You donate to us, we send it to our project manager in country. Having a clear, succinct mission allows us to execute it effectively and provide tangible results to beneficiaries and our donors.

  • Step 1: System is proposed by our project manager in conjunction with the local government administration.
  • Step 2: Gazelle Foundation reviews projects that will serve not just general population but infrastructure such as schools, medical facilities, and churches.
  • Step 3: Gazelle Foundation Board of Directors votes and approves funding.
  • Step 4: Legal agreement signed by project manager and Gazelle Foundation, outlining all details and expectations.
  • Step 5: Projects are divided into multiple payments based on the project team meeting specific milestones outlined in the agreement.
  • Step 6: Construction begins, utilizing local villagers for labor.
  • Step 7: After all construction completed, official hand off is signed between project manager and head government official. The systems we construct become property of the citizens of the villages, helping foster true ownership as well as the understanding that they must maintain the tanks and tap stands.

Project Statistics

To date, you have helped us allocate more than $1.3 million to water systems in Burundi! As you can see below, it takes just $30 to provide a person with access to clean water for life.

To learn more about any individual project simply click on the name to be redirected to a new page with pictures, a map and additional details.

2017 Projects

Water Project NameTotal PopulationEstimated StartCompletedEst. CostDistance (Meters)
Kigabiro 3450Nov-16Feb-17$42,0275600
Mugahisha 1400Nov-16Feb-17$36,3045800
Mashuha –Mahonda extension1200Feb-17 $18,944 3800
Ryamurago-Rukina2300Feb-17 $43,438 6900
Kirimbi-Mwungo1900Feb-17 $32,331 5000
Nyakaniga-Gatongo3400May-17 $51,523 9000
Muryamurebe-Kigembe2800May-17 $39,994 7100
Karuhaya-Kuntatemwa1800Sept-17 $24,892 2800

2008 – 2016 Projects

Water ProjectPopulationEst. StartCompleteCost Main Pipeline
Secondary Pipeline
Total (meters)
Mugatananika-Kigabiro3450Sept-16  Nov. 2016$46,3434,100 1,5005,600
Nyabikona-Musagara2800Aug-16Oct. 2016$41,8922,600 2,1004,700
Mashuha-Mahonda2200Aug-16Oct. 2016$20,828500 1,0001,500
Runyangwe-Nyabitanga2450Aug-16Oct. 2016$29,9521,600 9002,500
Rugomero-Nyamuhanga2450April-16Jul. 2016$28,720 800 1,7502,550
Nyawuntunze-Nyamizi2450April-16Jul. 2016$38,365 1,500 2,6004,100
Gashanga-Nyamiyago2200Jan-16Apr. 2016$41,885 3,000 2,5805,580
Gishiha-Matongo1000Jan-16Mar. 2016$22,0894001,3501,750
Ngabwe-Kiyange3850Sept-15Dec. 2015$63,2688,400 4,35012,750
Rukoki-Rubanga3450Sept-15 Dec. 2015$68,276 4,000 2,4006,400
Kumutukura Extension800May-15Aug. 2015$21,059 3,200 3003,500
Nyakabingo2,200May-15Aug. 2015$32,471 1,620 1,7503,370
Rwego-Gaharo1,000May-15Aug. 2015$22,202 500 1,5002,000
Ryatoyi-Sama1,000May-15Aug. 2015$33,159 1,300 2,7004,000
Kadende-Kanugano1800Feb-15May 2015$60,112460036008200
Manyoni1200Feb-15May 2015$41,996270021004800
Gasenyi-Rwasongo1080Aug-14Dec. 2014$38,504190011003000
Gish.-Ngandu Ext.1000Aug-14Dec. 2014$22,38842504250
Ndago-Muyange2200Aug-14Dec. 2014$38,659435017506100
Mugahisha-Ruhororo1400Sept-16Nov. 2016$42,6413,5002,3005,800
Gishingo-Ngandu1300June-14Oct. 2014$49,961294012004140
Horezo3500June-14Oct. 2014$57,032400015005500
Rabiro-Rugenda1800Jan-14May 2014$52,379300032006200
Nyabikona-Kivumu1500Jan-14May 2014$58,075225033505600
Rumeza-Rukoma2300Aug-13Dec. 2013$66,161460031007700
Kumutukura Gisasa4300May-13Oct. 2013$78,892500025007500
Musumba Mushanga2800Jan-13Apr. 2013$53,385300024005400
Fuku Extension480Nov-12Dec. 2012$4,79112001200
Dandaza Extension1510Sep-12Nov. 2012$20,954430018006100
Ruvumvu-Masonga2000May-12Jul. 2012$48,362500010006000
Musumba-Ruvumvu2400Nov-11Apr. 2012$81,800200020004000
Mutsinda-Jenda #21220May-11Sep. 2011$21,985600010007000
Mutsinda-Jenda #13100Jan-11May 2011$71,7752040902130
Nyamwango970Aug-10Nov. 2010$20,52011403001440
Songa1500Mar-09Oct. 2009$49,299195021604110
Total Meters166,470
Total Miles103.5