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In 2006, the Gazelle Foundation set forth a bold mission to transform the lives of the people in Burundi by providing access to clean water.

Join us at Spring for the Water and help continue that mission.

Spring for the Water 2017
May 4, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
Rock Rose Hall

Help us build a water project in Musenyi Colline, Burundi. Our goal at this casual gathering is to fully fund the Muryamurebe-Kigembe Water Project in Musenyi Colline, Burundi. Your sponsorship will transform lives:

  • 2,800 people live in Musenyi Colline and surrounding area
  • 350 parishioners attend the local church
  • 312 children who attend the local school will gain access to clean water
  • Villagers travel 1.3 miles carrying heavy jugs to fetch polluted, unsafe water
  • Upon completion, people will walk only 1⁄4 of a mile to fetch clean water
  • 100 local workers will be employed to construct the water project

The Muryamurebe-Kigembe Water Project will increase school attendance, and allow women to spend more time caring for their families and tending to their crops. Once constructed, the local village will gain ownership of the water project instilling a sense of true empowerment.

Your sponsorship of the 2017 Spring for the Water Event will allow us to construct the Muryamurebe-Kigembe Water Project. Together, we are transforming the lives of people in Burundi.

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